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American DJ Under the Hood Tri LED Series

Product: TRI Series LED
Introducing TRI Series LED Technology
 American DJ's new TRI Color LED Technology is a major breakthrough that makes it possible for LED fixtures to produce beams in a whole spectrum of different colors - not just the typical red, green and blue that LED effects could create in the past. This exclusive technology allows ADJ to offer more exciting multi-color Tri Series LED effects while still providing all the benefits of LEDs such as energy efficiency, low heat production and long lamp life.
 How does the new TRI Color LED Technology work? Brilliantly! Each LED lamp is actually a “3-in-1” lamp, containing 3 different color LEDs - one red, one green and one blue. With this advanced tri-color LED diode, up to seven different colors can be created when the RGB beams are blended together. TRI Series LED effects create red, green, blue, purple, cyan (light blue), yellow and white beams of light. The end result is a Win-Win! More excitement and a variety of colors for your party goers, and long-life LED technology and lower power draw for you!
 Your reputation is on the line, for every gig you do trust the ADJ TRI Series LED products.
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